12 Spring Street’s last Hoorah

On Saturday we decided to send 12 Spring out in style by smoking some ribs and chicken and making something of everything in the freezer.  Then we took some awkward family photos by the fence in the dark:

IMG_7834 IMG_7836

Then John got T-Rex arms and fell asleep on the couch snuggling with the dog he hates.


Sunday was a day of packing.  Monday we got the truck.  The Penske 26-Footer because, go big or go home, right?


Good thing we did, because it is chock full.  I really didn’t know we had that much stuff.  Thanks Harry, Jaci and Joe for helping us pack and get the truck packed.  Without you we wouldn’t have been able to bring our hot dog cart, a trailer and a ride on lawn mower.  Getting those things out of the truck?  Well you’ll just have to wait for that story later this week!

We Like to Party… A lot

And we did.

Friday was my last day of work in corporate america.  Matt took a last day of work photo of me:


It was a great day.  I worked on some tasks without edits 61+ and my team got me a card and a homesteading book! They know me so well!  After work we went to Jake N Joe’s in Foxboro for my retirement party and got drunk.  Thanks everyone for coming out!


All of CS RXM circa 2011


“RXM 4 Lyfe” -Kate Murphy

IMG_6228 IMG_6230

Lumberjack show.

Final Countdown

It is now just 7 short days until our departure from MA.  Last weekend there was much merriment at the going away party at my parents’ house.  It was really great to share a beer with everyone before beginning our journey!  Uncle TJ supplied the entertainment when he brought me a gift so I can fondly remember my MEDITECH days.


We were so fortunate that so many friends and family came out to see us!  And my mom and sister made us a really interesting cake.  It was delicious.


Stella earned some mardi gras beads and made some new friends at the party.  I’m glad she is so outgoing, she’ll be able to make new friends quickly in Florida.


Thanks for the great party, beer, food and memories!  I better go start packing!

T-21 Days

In three weeks from today, at this time, I will be cruising down the highway with all of my worldly possessions, Matt and Stella, en route to our new adventure.  I will be retiring from MEDITECH on September 25th, we will arrive in Pensacola on October 1st and three days later I will turn 28.  Matt, Stella and I have plans to celebrate at a dog friendly beach bar/restaurant because, why the heck not?  Every day for the next three weeks will be chock full of planning, packing and partying.  This week’s goals are to book a hotel, reserve a storage unit and reserve a PO Box so we can forward our mail.  This post isn’t too exciting, so here is a picture of Stella Snaggletooth right after I told her we were moving.

Stella Rough Day