On Saturday we attended Barktoberfest. Stella was the laughing stock of all the dogs because she wasn’t wearing a costume.


There were a lot of adoptable dogs there, vendors and many costumed dogs.


Best of all, Pensacola Bay Brewery was on the corner of the park selling beer outside and within the brewery.  Matt and I sat and had a couple beers on the patio of the brewery while Stella made some friends.

IMG_0822 IMG_0821

Next we took a family photo at a fountain.


Then we decided to head out to Pensacola Beach because Stella hadn’t annoyed us enough yet.


We stopped for an appetizer at Shaggy’s on the way back into town since I recently learned they are a dog friendly establishment.


…and by appetizer I mean drinks. Just kidding! We did have a stack of crab cakes and fried green tomatoes (not pictured).

Back in downtown Pensacola we spotted a cool looking ship, so we had to stop and take a look.


Those travelling without dogs could purchase tickets to climb aboard and look around, but we just looked around the outside. This weekend we will be taking a road trip down to Brooksville to attend my Aunt’s Halloween party.  Then we are hoping to close on the house on Monday!  Stay tuned for exciting Halloween and house pictures next week!

Yes, we’re all still alive and well

I didn’t realize everyone was on the edge of their seats waiting for the next blog post, so I will try not to disappoint.  Here are a few fun facts that I learned since the last time I wrote:

  1. Armadillos carry leprosy.
  2. People around here provide their phone numbers in a 7 digit format.
  3. The area code that everyone has been omitting is 850.

So what have we been up to you ask?  Well we put an offer in on a 10 acre property with a brick ranch home and a 6 stall horse barn on it.  By some stroke of luck our hysterically low offer was accepted.  This week we had the home inspection, wood destroying organisms inspection and septic inspection.  The house is running super low on curb appeal so I took pictures of the amazing property with gorgeous oak trees and the horse barn instead:



I’m sure there will be much more news on the home purchase in the upcoming weeks!

Every Wednesday the bar “World of Beer” in downtown Pensacola hosts a free 5k fun run so we decided we should check it out this week.  Stella and I laced up:


Thanks for the snazzy new sneaks mom and dad!

Matt also laced up but I don’t have a picture of that.  We headed down to the bar and signed in.  I am not sure how many runners there were but there were a lot, like at least 100 plus 4 dogs (including Stella).  The run was fun as promised!  The police block off the main intersections we have to cross and the route is essentially a tour of the historic district and some piers.  It was beautiful! Afterwards you can get 1/2 price beers, but we just took off since Stella is under-aged.

Last night we went out to the pier and walked around.  We had a great view of the ship NOR Goliath which is currently docked in Pensacola for two months for maintenance.  You can sort of see it in the back of this picture:


But here’s an article where they have better pictures: Nor Goliath Arrives at the Port of Pensacola

That’s all for news today but I am sure the weekend will bring more excitement. Happy Friday everyone!

You Can Keep Your Sweater Weather

Well it’s been a pretty exciting long weekend!  We’ve put miles and miles on the Jeep driving around this town with the top down! Saturday we went to the farmer’s market on Palafox St. which had a ton of vendors.  We took a short walk down Palafox St. to check out all the swanky restaurants and bars.


Then we headed out to Milton to check out the railroad museum at the old train station.  It was really neat!  There was even a rotary phone! Fond memories of bygone work days!


We got to tour some old passenger cars as well!


Stella enjoyed her visit and is considering joining the railroad industry.


While touring the museum I couldn’t help but think to myself, my dad would love this place!


Then when I saw the huuuge model train going through the model city of Milton, I thought to myself, my nephews would LOVE this!


We then went out to Navarre, and crossed over the bridge, where we pulled over on the side of the road where the water was magical looking and took this amazing picture of the Jeep (and Stella).


On Sunday we decided to go for a hike at the Tarkiln Bayou Preserve State Park.  The loop was 7.2 miles but at around the 3/4 mile mark I saw a large snake and wasn’t interested in hiking anymore.  We went back and did the boardwalk which added a mile of the walk for us.


After the walk we tried to go to the Shrimp Festival at Gulf Shores, Alabama, but they didn’t allow dogs! Rude!  Today we drove out to the Blackwater River State Park just to check it out.  The river is a sand bottom river and you can go tubing or canoeing down the river.  The park also has hiking trails and camping.  We will definitely have to come back and end enjoy tubing down the river someday!

After investigating the state park, we went over to Cantonment and looked at a house.  It has a great backyard at almost 2 acres and we thought the house had a lot of potential being on a dead end street with the other houses on the street looking immaculate.  I decided I should put an offer in!  Don’t worry parents, my offer is contingent on a home, pest and septic inspection, so I can walk away at any time if there end up being major structural issues!  The adventure continues!

Pensacola Beach Dog Park, Round 2

Today I thought to myself, “I would love to spend a nice relaxing morning at the beach on this glorious day”.  So I packed up a bag, took the back windows off the Jeep, put Stella in the car and told her we were heading to the dog beach again.


We went over the three mile long Pensacola Bay Bridge, then over the bridge from Gulf Breeze to Pensacola Beach which has a $1 toll.  However, parking at Pensacola Beach is free.  As a reference, Matt and I enjoyed going to Horseneck Beach in MA when it was warm enough twice a year and parking there is now $13 a day or $15 a day for a non-MA resident.  Yikes.  Today the water temperature at Horseneck Beach is 58 degrees.  Today the water temperature at Pensacola Beach is 72 degrees.  ‘Nuff said.

So Stella and I arrived at Pensacola Beach Dog Park, spread out our towels, and then went down to the water where Stella attempted to drink the entire gulf.  We went back to our towels and I sat down to read my book and Stella proceeded to thrash about in the sand until every single thing that we brought was covered in sand.


I really only was able to read about 9 words of my book, then Stella and I went back and forth from the water to the towels 8 more times and took off before Stella was able to eat any more sand and before I got a sunburn.


And that was my “relaxing” morning at the beach.  This afternoon Stella will take a break from hiding under the bed to come look at 3 more houses with me in our search for our own little slice of paradise!

Big Lagoon State Park and the Oar House Adventures

Well it’s Monday morning and Matt is off to his first day at the new job.  Stella and I will miss him but we will think of ways to keep ourselves busy.  Saturday we drove out to the suburbs of Pensacola to drive by some houses.  We were able to cross a few off our list because they were next to something dumpy looking, too close to other houses or just looked way more rough in person.  We were able to see the inside of 2 houses as well, both which had a lot of potential but needed a lot of work.  We also drove over to the prison camp and talked with the gentleman at the front gate so Matt would know where he needed to go on Monday.  Then we drove out to Pensacola Beach which is a much more touristy area but only about 15 minutes from where we are staying.


We were able to locate the Pensacola Beach Dog Park so Stella could play in the Gulf of Mexico.  Stella has never been to the beach before and reacted pretty much as we expected. I was going to upload a video but wordpress didn’t like the format of the file so here is a screenshot from the video of the horror.

ScreenHunter_03 Oct. 05 08.22

So yesterday we went out to Cantonment (pronounced can-tone-ment, I don’t know why they wouldn’t just add an another ‘e’ but I guess the girl from whista county shouldn’t be talking) and looked at a few houses out there.  The first one had potential, but again, would require a substantial amount of work.  The second house shared a driveway with another house and was just too close to the other house for our liking.  The search continues!

Next, we went out to Big Lagoon State Park, had a picnic and went for a short hike.


Stella and I climbed to the top of a tower and waved down to Matt.


Next, it was time for some birthday drinks and dinner at the Oar House.


Stella sat quietly under the table judging the old drunk women who were dancing to the live music which was a woman with laryngitis singing to karaoke music off her ipad.


The weather was great, the drinks were cheap (it was happy hour!) the key lime pie was free for my birthday and the company wasn’t bad either!


Party ‘Till You’re Homeless

Matt once bought a shirt from a comedian that said “Party ‘Till You’re Homeless” and it looks like we’ve done just that.  It’s official, 12 Spring St. is sold and we live in an extended stay hotel in Pensacola.  It’s been a crazy past few days so let me recap.  On Wednesday morning we got up at 2am and packed the last few things into the cars and truck.  Stella and I posed for our final picture on the steps.


We said our final goodbyes.


Then the journey began.  It started off pretty rough with torrential downpours in the dark and we quickly learned that a 26 foot truck stuffed with everything we own towing a jeep doesn’t have quite the pick-up we are used to.  This was my view for the 2 day journey.


We made it to Wytheville, Virginia on the first night (after 16 hours of driving) and only had a mini-crisis when we discovered that “truck parking” at the hotel didn’t exactly mean “tractor-trailer” parking.  However, after much cursing, Matt was able to successfully back up the truck with the Jeep in tow into the truck parking spot.  He did mention however, that it was a wise career move that I never went into air traffic control.

Day 2 of the drive started at 8am EST and only had 3 mini-crises.  First, during a second round of torrential rain, the passenger side windshield wiper on the beam snapped off and began dragging the metal end of the arm across the glass like nails on a chalkboard but worse.  A sock solved that mini-crisis.  Second, the truck almost ran out of gas as we searched for diesel at a gas station large enough for the truck.  No we’re not being dramatic.


Finally, when the trip ended at 9pm CST when we finally arrived at the hotel which did not have enough space to park the truck.  If only I had called ahead and asked if there was a place to park the truck (sarcasm).  In a state of delirium we said our prayers and abandoned the truck in a grocery store parking lot and went to bed.  Luckily, it was still there in the morning.

I must pause and give high praise to Stella who was an angel pup the whole ride down.  She pretty much just slept and stared out the window.


Today, we got our storage unit and hired gangsta Fred and Ron to help us unload the truck into the unit.  Finally we were able to return the truck to Penske!  Then we got our PO Box and let Stella run around in the fenced in yard at the hotel before driving by some of the houses for sale in the area that we would like to view.  Tomorrow we hope to drive by a few more and check out some more suburbs of the city.  We shall see what tomorrow brings!