Party ‘Till You’re Homeless

Matt once bought a shirt from a comedian that said “Party ‘Till You’re Homeless” and it looks like we’ve done just that.  It’s official, 12 Spring St. is sold and we live in an extended stay hotel in Pensacola.  It’s been a crazy past few days so let me recap.  On Wednesday morning we got up at 2am and packed the last few things into the cars and truck.  Stella and I posed for our final picture on the steps.


We said our final goodbyes.


Then the journey began.  It started off pretty rough with torrential downpours in the dark and we quickly learned that a 26 foot truck stuffed with everything we own towing a jeep doesn’t have quite the pick-up we are used to.  This was my view for the 2 day journey.


We made it to Wytheville, Virginia on the first night (after 16 hours of driving) and only had a mini-crisis when we discovered that “truck parking” at the hotel didn’t exactly mean “tractor-trailer” parking.  However, after much cursing, Matt was able to successfully back up the truck with the Jeep in tow into the truck parking spot.  He did mention however, that it was a wise career move that I never went into air traffic control.

Day 2 of the drive started at 8am EST and only had 3 mini-crises.  First, during a second round of torrential rain, the passenger side windshield wiper on the beam snapped off and began dragging the metal end of the arm across the glass like nails on a chalkboard but worse.  A sock solved that mini-crisis.  Second, the truck almost ran out of gas as we searched for diesel at a gas station large enough for the truck.  No we’re not being dramatic.


Finally, when the trip ended at 9pm CST when we finally arrived at the hotel which did not have enough space to park the truck.  If only I had called ahead and asked if there was a place to park the truck (sarcasm).  In a state of delirium we said our prayers and abandoned the truck in a grocery store parking lot and went to bed.  Luckily, it was still there in the morning.

I must pause and give high praise to Stella who was an angel pup the whole ride down.  She pretty much just slept and stared out the window.


Today, we got our storage unit and hired gangsta Fred and Ron to help us unload the truck into the unit.  Finally we were able to return the truck to Penske!  Then we got our PO Box and let Stella run around in the fenced in yard at the hotel before driving by some of the houses for sale in the area that we would like to view.  Tomorrow we hope to drive by a few more and check out some more suburbs of the city.  We shall see what tomorrow brings!

2 thoughts on “Party ‘Till You’re Homeless

  1. Well you know, it’s not a trip to Florida for you two unless you have a crisis or two somewhere along the way 😀 But yes we are all so glad you all made it safely there Whew! Happy house hunting until you find the one that calls you, and Matt have a nice day 1 at the job.


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