Big Lagoon State Park and the Oar House Adventures

Well it’s Monday morning and Matt is off to his first day at the new job.  Stella and I will miss him but we will think of ways to keep ourselves busy.  Saturday we drove out to the suburbs of Pensacola to drive by some houses.  We were able to cross a few off our list because they were next to something dumpy looking, too close to other houses or just looked way more rough in person.  We were able to see the inside of 2 houses as well, both which had a lot of potential but needed a lot of work.  We also drove over to the prison camp and talked with the gentleman at the front gate so Matt would know where he needed to go on Monday.  Then we drove out to Pensacola Beach which is a much more touristy area but only about 15 minutes from where we are staying.


We were able to locate the Pensacola Beach Dog Park so Stella could play in the Gulf of Mexico.  Stella has never been to the beach before and reacted pretty much as we expected. I was going to upload a video but wordpress didn’t like the format of the file so here is a screenshot from the video of the horror.

ScreenHunter_03 Oct. 05 08.22

So yesterday we went out to Cantonment (pronounced can-tone-ment, I don’t know why they wouldn’t just add an another ‘e’ but I guess the girl from whista county shouldn’t be talking) and looked at a few houses out there.  The first one had potential, but again, would require a substantial amount of work.  The second house shared a driveway with another house and was just too close to the other house for our liking.  The search continues!

Next, we went out to Big Lagoon State Park, had a picnic and went for a short hike.


Stella and I climbed to the top of a tower and waved down to Matt.


Next, it was time for some birthday drinks and dinner at the Oar House.


Stella sat quietly under the table judging the old drunk women who were dancing to the live music which was a woman with laryngitis singing to karaoke music off her ipad.


The weather was great, the drinks were cheap (it was happy hour!) the key lime pie was free for my birthday and the company wasn’t bad either!


7 thoughts on “Big Lagoon State Park and the Oar House Adventures

  1. Love reading your blogs, its like a book, and we cant wait for the next chapter. Its nice for all of us to see the area where you are down there. Keep looking for that house, and don’t settle, the right one will come along. And no shared driveways, you will end up shoveling all the snow….wait.. what!!! No Snow…Nice!

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  2. This made my day. As I was getting my computer awake this morning I was thinking “If Steph didn’t post I am going to message her to see what she is up to!” Thanks for sharing, I am so happy you guys are having fun! Stella is hilarious, she is being such a good pup! Good luck on your house searches. I, too, will be looking as John and I continue our search (although you are wayy ahead of us!).

    Keep kicking ass,


  3. Well just a couple things: We don’t know each other, but I’m a friend of Joe’s and I have to say Pensacola sounds GREAT! The laryngitis-but-singing-anyway-lady sounds great haha and the scenery looks incredible. Stella is a cutie-patootie, and are you an early October birthday too, cuz hey Birthday Buddy! Your writing’s got a great flow to it. I’ll be an avid reader of your adventures!


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