Pensacola Beach Dog Park, Round 2

Today I thought to myself, “I would love to spend a nice relaxing morning at the beach on this glorious day”.  So I packed up a bag, took the back windows off the Jeep, put Stella in the car and told her we were heading to the dog beach again.


We went over the three mile long Pensacola Bay Bridge, then over the bridge from Gulf Breeze to Pensacola Beach which has a $1 toll.  However, parking at Pensacola Beach is free.  As a reference, Matt and I enjoyed going to Horseneck Beach in MA when it was warm enough twice a year and parking there is now $13 a day or $15 a day for a non-MA resident.  Yikes.  Today the water temperature at Horseneck Beach is 58 degrees.  Today the water temperature at Pensacola Beach is 72 degrees.  ‘Nuff said.

So Stella and I arrived at Pensacola Beach Dog Park, spread out our towels, and then went down to the water where Stella attempted to drink the entire gulf.  We went back to our towels and I sat down to read my book and Stella proceeded to thrash about in the sand until every single thing that we brought was covered in sand.


I really only was able to read about 9 words of my book, then Stella and I went back and forth from the water to the towels 8 more times and took off before Stella was able to eat any more sand and before I got a sunburn.


And that was my “relaxing” morning at the beach.  This afternoon Stella will take a break from hiding under the bed to come look at 3 more houses with me in our search for our own little slice of paradise!

3 thoughts on “Pensacola Beach Dog Park, Round 2

  1. You’re hilarious. And I’m not just talking about your face. I’m really enjoying your posts and all the Steph-style deadpan and sarcasm I know and love.

    Liked by 1 person

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