Mystery Adventure

So I know everyone has been waiting with bated breath to learn of the names selected for the two black chickens which I incorrectly noted were buff orpington chickens (Penny and Evie are actually the Buff Orpingtons). First of all, I would like to thank everyone for their name suggestions, and urge you all not to be disappointed if your names were not selected as I am sure there will be other opportunities for naming things on this homestead.  So, drum-roll please….  the final two chickens have been named:

Elizabeth and Daisy!

I can’t believe these lovely ladies are all just over a week old now.  They are growing up fast.  Well, I will give an update on the chickens later since I have a story to tell.

Last week, Matt and I decided we were going to go out on a dinner date to celebrate Christmas and were discussing restaurant options, when Matt said, never mind, I have a better idea, we’re going on a mystery adventure. I asked if the adventure was a mystery to him as well, and he assured me it was just a mystery for me.  He told me to pack an overnight bag and bring warm clothes because we would be outside.  Then for the next 2 days as the mystery was eating away at me, he would say, “oh, and don’t forget your wet suit” or ridiculous things like that (I don’t own a wet suit).

Saturday at around 1pm we headed out and about an hour and 15 minutes later we arrived at the most adorable Bed and Breakfast in Mobile, Alabama called the Shepard House.  Here is a picture of us outside:


We were showed to our room by our lovely hostess, Wendy, where Matt told me the plan for the night was to go out to dinner at Felix’s Fish Camp restaurant on the water and then to Bellingrath Home and Gardens for the Christmas lights display and home tour.  Then he told me he had one more surprise for me, and pulled out the most beautiful diamond ring ever created on planet earth and asked me to marry him.  I obliged.


Dinner was amazing, with delicious soup and salad, crab cakes on top of fried green tomatoes, hush puppies, turnip greens, blackened grouper, succotash, and complimentary key lime pie to top it off.  Oh, we also had some wine.  It was all delicious and was enjoyed while watching the sunset over the bay.


Next we went to the Bellingrath Gardens and Home and saw the beautiful Christmas lights display and toured the home.

In the morning Wendy made us and the other couple that were staying there her award winning pecan praline french toast, scrambled eggs, peppered bacon and fruit.  She also gave us a little history on the house which she unraveled when she found stacks of papers from the civil war era in the attic.  It was super interesting but you’ll have to visit Wendy for the full story over her amazing breakfast.

So, overall, pretty awesome weekend, good job, Matt!  And for the close-up!


Pictures really don’t do it justice.


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