More Chicken Drama

As it turns out, raising chickens is full of drama.  Let me explain.  Last week, Daisy and Cadence got in a fight.  They wouldn’t stop battling each other so we had to physically separate them.  While fighting isn’t necessarily a sign that you’ve got roosters (hens do fight too), I decided it was time to stop avoiding the ugly topic of which of my chickens were roosters and get some definitive answers.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I was suspicious of a couple in particular.  Long story short, Kaleigh, Cadence and Pevie and returned to live out their rooster days at Meme’s Poultry Farm, we traded them in for 2 Buff Orpington and 2 Red Island Red chicks that are 3 weeks old.


So this left Leah and Daisy as the big girls on campus and we decided that they might get lonely out in that big old coop since the new babies are still inside in their brooder.  So we bought 2 confirmed pullets their size from a woman in Milton.  Meet Elsa and Anna.

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I still have my suspicions that Daisy is a rooster, but I could be wrong.  I guess we’ll find out when she starts crowing or laying eggs.  In other news, my beehive arrived in the mail and we successfully assembled it.

0227161315b 0227161315a


Once I stain and polyurethane the hive it will be ready for its new inhabitants.  It was a busy weekend and the puppies were tired this morning.


Happy Leap Day Everyone!

Spring Comes to PPP

Spring has arrived! Flowers are blooming and seeds are in the ground.


Last Saturday Matt and I went yard-saling and when we returned we discovered Elizabeth dead in the chicken run.  Autopsy results were inconclusive so a dark cloud of mystery remains surrounding her death.  RIP Lizzy.  On a more chipper note, my parents arrived last Saturday morning and stayed for the week.  Ian and Zoe also came over on Saturday and we all drank some beer and climbed some trees.

20160214_162712 20160214_171605

This week my dad, Matt and Joe were able to complete the shed!  The shed now has a roof, a window and a gutter system which drains into a rain bucket which we will use to water the garden.

0222161246 0222161245a

On Tuesday we went over to the beach before heading to Peg Leg Pete’s for Joe’s birthday dinner.

20160216_161703 20160216_170141

On Wednesday we planted carrots, peas, cabbage, dill, mustard, eggplant, lettuce, broccoli, spinach, beets and kale.  Everyone cross your fingers that at least one of those grows. On Wednesday night we all went down and did the World of Beer fun run.


On Friday we went to the Milton Railroad Museum because you can’t go there too much.  We had my mom crouch down in a hole in a tree for a picture while Harry inspected the train.


On Saturday we went to an all day Beekeeping Workshop.  Beekeeping seems pretty complicated, but I think I learned enough to get started.  The local bee inspector did a live demonstration of splitting a hive.


We ordered a hive made of Cypress from Rossman Apiaries in Moultrie, GA and it should be arriving later this week.  Hopefully we will be able to get it assembled this weekend so we can get some bees in there in time for them to pollinate the garden.  And that’s all the news here at PPP.  Stay classy, folks.


Van Life Meets PPP (Prickly Pear Plantation)

Earlier this week, Matt’s sister Amy and her boyfriend Gerald were road-tripping through Florida and decided to stop in for a visit.  They have been on the road for about 2 weeks now, sleeping in their sweet van.


We were pretty jealous because about a month ago or so, Matt and I established a van fund to raise money to purchase a camper van or a cargo van that we could convert to a camper van for road tripping.  We’ve been selling things on eBay and Craigslist and putting all of the proceeds into the fund which is a mason jar that sits on a dresser.  Anyways, they were only here for 2 days but we managed to play 2 games of Settlers of Catan, a few holes of golf in the yard, and shoot some stuff.  Oh, we also had time to dress the dogs and take a group photo.


Also this week, Joe dug some more garden beds.  We are trying a few different methods for preparing our garden beds including double digging, mulching and growing rye to till back into the soil.  I also planted some Moringa seeds to grow some Moringa trees which is an idea that I got from reading Totally Crazy Easy Florida Gardening (thanks Sarah!).  Apparently Moringa leaves are the most nutritious thing ever, so if we fail at growing everything else and are destitute we can eat moringa leaves to survive.

Today I decided to make home made dog treats.  I used this recipe  which contains pumpkin, peanut butter, eggs and whole wheat flour.


I got Stella and Jake’s seal of approval.  I tried to take a picture of them eating them but they were gone too fast.


As I type, my parents are on a plane heading our way for round 2 at the old Prickly Pear Plantation. We’ll see what next week brings! Happy Friday Y’all.

Wee Visitor Takes on P’cola and Mardi Gras

Last Wednesday my sister Jen and my nephew Oliver came to visit! Oliver was the first tiny human to visit Prickly Pear Plantation.  First he met the dogs and they all got along famously.


On Thursday we went to the Historic Pensacola Village where we toured some old houses, churches and museums.

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Oliver was wearing his conductor overalls so he hopped on the train.


Then we went and got some ice cream at Dolce & Gelato.


On Friday we went to the Arcadia Mill Archaeological site in Milton where there used to be some saw mills and textile mills but now there is just rocks.  Friday night we went into Pensacola to the Mardi Gras Parade.  So for my Northern readers, Mardi Gras is like a big deal down here on the Gulf Coast.  Pensacola, Mobile and New Orleans celebrate Mardi Gras for weeks.  It’s bigger than Christmas.  Anyways, the parade was intense.  There were many floats, all decorated in different themes, there were motorcycles, horses, cheerleaders, marching bands and lots and lots of beads.

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Despite all this excitement, Olly still made time to chill with his uncles.

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And Then There Were Six

Yes, my faithful readers, I have sad news to share.  One of our feather babies was snatched up by an idiot hawk.  It took one of the Buff Orpingtons (Penny or Evie) so the remaining Buff we have decided to call Pevie.  We have since covered the entire chicken run with netting to prevent any further losses now that they are living outside full-time.  As the chicks grow (they are now about 7 weeks old), I am becoming suspicious that I may have a couple roosters on my hands.  Time will tell…


Pevie mourning the loss of her sister.


Catching some afternoon sun.


Elizabeth posing for the camera.


Chillin’ in the coop.

This past weekend as well as today we have had glorious weather.  Saturday Matt and I went Yard Sale-ing which is something I have never done in January before.   Sunday we spent the whole day outside and played 9 holes of golf in the yard (no collared shirts required).

123951 123_1

This Wednesday my sister and Oliver are flying in for a visit! I am very excited to see my sister and for my first wee visitor.  There are sure to be lots of pictures of my chubby little guest (Olly, not Jen) next post!