Easter Feaster

A late frost on the evening of March 21st set us back a little bit in the gardening department.  The frost wiped out the green bean and tomato plants.  I have replanted new bean seeds, but it may be too late for the tomatoes which don’t like the really hot summer sun.  I do have one thriving tomato plant which is still inside, so I may container garden that one plant and see how it does.

A little while back we started work on planting a three sisters garden.  The three sisters crops is a strategy that the Native Americans used which suggests planting corn, pole beans and squash together to form the perfect symbiotic relationship.  The corn acts as a trellis for the beans, the beans add nitrogen to the soil, and the squash acts as a living mulch as it crawls around the ground.  We planted the corn first which is now about 4 inches tall, so we planted the beans on Monday surrounding the corn.   Here’s what it looks like right now:


4 stalks of corn per mound


We made the garden circular with a diameter of 25 feet.

Matt, Joe and I watched a YouTube video on how to make chain-mail and are now professional chain-mail makers.  We are working on producing chain mail jewelry and other chain-mail accessories to sell.  See?


Easter Sunday was a rainy day but it wasn’t a total washout.  We did get enough sun at around 3 or 4 to head outside and enjoy it.  We had mimosas and did treasure hunts midday and then we headed out to the barn to play Matt’s new corn-hole game his parents got him for his birthday.  It’s nice that the barn is big enough to play games in so we can still be outside-ish on rainy days.

easter cornholeeaster cornhole 3

Then we had pork, coleslaw, potatoes and bread that I tried to bake in the shape of a bunny for Easter Dinner.


Good effort, right?  Not a swing and a miss, but not a home-run.  More like a foul ball.  Then we ate several pounds of cadbury mini eggs and called it a night.

Also, Stella grew tusks.

stella tusks

Then she ate her tusks. Gross.

Buzzing Around

Last week we purchased a nuke of bees!  Right now the bees are staying at our bee mentor’s house, but we went over to visit them on Sunday.  They are hard at work building comb.  In a couple of weeks they will be ready to come home and make me some honey!


In addition to the plants that we have deliberately grown, there are quite a few wildflowers, shrubs and trees blooming around the property.  I think the bees will be quite pleased here.

0316160957 0316161004a 0316160955 0316160958 0316160958b

And the veggies continue to thrive.  Can’t keep that Southern Giant Curled Mustard down!

0316161002 0316161002a

Well it’s time for me to go get my corned beef and cabbage on the stove.

Happy St. Patty’s Day from the Party Animals!

0317161137b 0317161139c


Of Cabbages and Kings

I would like to start off this post with a gardening update for Tim.  While we have tossed a fair number of seeds into the ground at this point, the peas are the only plants in the garden plots that are really thriving right now and worth taking a look at.

0307160801 0307160801a

The moringa trees that we are growing are still in pots but they are also doing quite well.


The peach tree that we planted in the fall has beautiful pink flowers and lots of buds!


We are also seeing seedlings of kale and cabbage emerge, they just aren’t as impressive right now as the peas!  We also have a lot of dill starting to grow from the seeds that I snagged last summer from Tim!  The warmer weather this week and next should help get everything going.

On Saturday night we went to tour the Quina house in Pensacola (thanks Jen!).  The tour of the house included wine, cheese and crackers and a ghost story!


On Sunday we went to the Renaissance Faire at the Pensacola Fairgrounds.

0306161440 0306161313 0306161230

Then when we got home we drank a 40 Year Old Coca-cola that Matt found at a yard sale.  It was disgusting.

ScreenHunter_04 Mar. 07 10.17 ScreenHunter_05 Mar. 07 10.17 ScreenHunter_05 Mar. 07 10.18

And it’s time for me to head outside now.

ScreenHunter_05 Mar. 07 10.30