Just Bee Happy

Well it’s been a while since I wrote a post so I will try to remember everything I need to fill you all in on.  About a week and a half ago we had a visit from this guy.

IMG_1668 IMG_1667

While his presence was somewhat upsetting to me, it did encourage me to do some research on poisonous snakes in Florida and I am now pretty confident that I can identify the bad ones.  This guy looks like a Pine Snake and is harmless (unless you are a mole).

In other news, our nuc of bees that we purchased has come to reside at Prickly Pear.  They are doing so well, I was able to pull out a frame of honey already!  Thanks bees!

0422161410a 0424161613a

We have also been able to start harvesting some of our crops.  We picked our first radish.


And I was able to pick enough mustard greens for a side dish for dinner.  They were deliciously spicy!

0422161632 0422161705 0422161923

Next up for harvest will be lettuce and peas!  Now if only I could get those chickens to lay some eggs…

Yesterday was a glorious day so we hit the beach for a few hours, then came home and burned some leaves and played some corn hole.

0424161144 IMG_1674 IMG_1673 IMG_1676

Ahh, I love my life!


Fun in the Sun

This past week has been busy but fun! On Friday night we went to the Santa Rosa County Fair which was a Carnival and Livestock shows and exhibits.  I was interested in seeing the goat show.  Several kids in 4H showed their goats and it was really cute and definitely something I had never seen before. We also walked around and looked at the Roosters, Pigs, Steer and of course had to stop and pat some baby goats!

This weekend we also went kayaking on the Blackwater River for the first time.  A while back Matt and I got a 2 person kayak and Joe recently got a fishing kayak so we were finally able to get out on the water.  There is a boat ramp less than 3 miles down the road so we were able to plop the kayaks in the water pretty easily.  Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of that, but picture sun glistening off water as I half-heartedly pretend to paddle in the front seat of an orange kayak while Matt actually paddles in the back.  I am also wearing an orange life vest because drowning on a river is a stupid way to die.

Over the weekend we also built nesting boxes for the chickens in hopes of encouraging them to start laying eggs soon.  We put hay in the boxes and some golf balls so they know that’s where the eggs go.


Another development on the chicken front was that the chicken waterer that I ordered arrived.  The waterer which I bought from chickenwaterer.com attached to the Rubbermaid water cooler I was already using and the chickens can drink directly from the spigots on there.  This is pretty exciting for me because I have been refilling bowls of water for them like 5 times a day as they have a nasty habit of dancing in their water bowls.  This also means that I can leave them for the weekend without worrying about them all dehydrating.

It was a pretty busy week but Stella and Leah still made time to smell the flowers.

Drum-roll Please…

Matt and I are super excited to announce that… we bought a van! Well we didn’t just buy a van, we bought a Ford E-350 V10 extended van which used to be a TV van used by a news station.  We are now working on converting it into a camper van which we will use when we come visit MA in June and more importantly for our cross country road-trip honeymoon!

0402161741 0402161017

Jake hopped right in and made himself comfortable.


We brought it out to the barn to work on it a little bit.


We realized we now have a way to change those light-bulbs in the barn.

This weekend we also fired up the ride on mower that we hauled down here from the arctic.


We’ve also had some pest problems in the gardening department this week.  Little green worms were eating my kale and cabbage and little black beetles were all over my mustard greens! I mixed up some neem oil with some water and sprayed down the plants.  Neem oil is an organic pesticide that eliminates a variety of pests so cross your fingers that the worms and beetles will peace out. And here is a picture of Stella and Jake spooning.