Homesteading is the Bees Knees

Matt has been feverishly working on the van to make it into the ultimate self-contained road-trip mobile. The sink and cabinet are now in place with a handy drawer and shelf.


The Fantastic Fan is installed and runs off the solar power, so we can keep air circulating when the car isn’t running.


The portable water heater and 33 gallon water tank arrived in the mail yesterday so those will be installed shortly so we can have hot showers on the road!

Our three oldest pullets (Elsa, Anna and Leah) are now all laying eggs.  Leah lays light blue eggs, Anna lays brown eggs and Elsa lays darker blue eggs.  They each lay about an egg a day, so I have permanently crossed eggs off my grocery list. Finally!

In gardening news, I have harvested my first carrot!


I chopped it up and added it to some salads that were 100% home grown, lettucce, toppings and all (ok fine, I didn’t grow the salad dressing)!


Our peach tree has also been producing some little peaches.  They are delicious! They taste just like larger peaches they are just littler.


We have a beautiful southern magnolia tree on our property and it started flowering this week.  The blooms are gorgeous but they smell even better!


On Sunday, we opened up our hive again to inspect it.  When inspecting the hive we are looking to make sure the Queen is laying eggs, inspecting the general health of the bees and looking for pests, looking for signs of swarming, and also checking to see if we need to put another super on the hive for the bees to fill with honey.  We’re still really new at this, but overall the hive looked good and there are a LOT of bees in there.


Full frame of honey!

20160522_165219 20160522_163511

I am not sure if I have mentioned this on the blog before, but Matt and I have been going to a lot of estate sales and yard sales and we buy things cheap and re-sell them on eBay for (hopefully) more.  Video games and accessories are our best sellers usually but we really enjoy everything vintage.  We’ve added quite a bit of vintage to our own personal collection, but here are some neat things that we picked up in the last few weeks that we will be listing on eBay:

Snuff Tins

Snuff Tins

You never know what you’re going to find at an estate sale or yard sale, which is part of the fun.  The best part though is never having to pay full price for just about anything that you desire. We’ll keep you updated on future cool finds.

Happy Memorial Day Y’all!

The Golden Egg

Well perhaps it was more of a brown hue, but our first egg arrived and was worth its weight in gold!  Then, the next day, we got a blueish egg!


I made myself a nice farm fresh breakfast of eggs and toast with blackberry jam that I made from the wild blackberry patch in the yard.


I may have neglected to mention that we discovered that we have several wild blackberry patches in the yard and have collected several pounds of blackberries to date.  I have made blackberry muffins, blackberry pancakes and blackberry jam.  We have also frozen a bunch of blackberries for later.


Last week Matt and I stopped at Ye Olde Brothers Brewery on our way back from an estate sale and I got a flight of their beers.  Delicious.


This weekend we went to Navarre Beach which is about 40 minutes away, no traffic, there are no tolls and parking is free.  It was beautiful out, the beach was gorgeous and it wasn’t too crowded.

IMG_1858 0515161100a

Then Matt replaced the radiator in my Jeep.  It was a little overdue.


I also drank some homemade cider and Matt drank the leftover Torpedos that Harry couldn’t finish while he was here.


And here is a picture of Leo being a badass.


The Maiden Voyage of the Molar Express

On Monday my Dad flew into Panama City and he brought a furry friend with him!


We now have 75% of our cat population restored.  Jezebel is adjusting quickly and loving the catitat.  Harry spent Tuesday through Thursday helping us with the vansformation which was a lot of work.  Here are some pictures through the process.

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Despite the confused look on Harry’s face in every picture, he actually did know what was going on and was instrumental in getting that distribution panel going.  The van is not complete yet, but the electrical panel was moved and the steel housing removed, solar panels and batteries were installed, and a platform for a bed was made.  We also made a built in crate area for the dogs that fits their bed so they can snuggle.

0509160743a 0509160744

On Tuesday we went down to the Pensacola Bay Brewery to enjoy some fresh beer.


And no trip into Pensacola is complete without making a pit stop at Krispy Kreme for some hot ones.


On Friday my mom flew into Panama City and on Saturday we packed up the molar express and gray elephant and set sail for Brooksville.  We still have to connect the sink and install the back-up camera, but she was ready to take us on our first journey down to Brooksville to my aunt’s house for the Kentucky Derby Party!  I tried to take a selfie of us all in the van but my dad was texting like a teenage girl in the back the whole ride.


The dogs liberated themselves from their crate during the voyage to hang out with their bff Harry.


Maybe he had been texting them? Anyways, we made it to Brooksville around 3:30 ET and headed over to place our bets!

1111 1105 10951092

We made it back last night and the molar express was a real champ on the 6 hour drive each way! Great week and weekend!