All Aboard the Molar Express!

It is just 5 days now until we hit the road en route to MA.  We’ve been working hard on finishing touches to our self-sufficient home on wheels so here are the updates!

Last weekend Matt and I headed out to Bay Minette, Alabama to pick up a cargo carrier we found on craigslist.  We took all back roads to get there and it was a beautiful ride!  On the way back we passed through Atmore, Alabama and stopped at a Farmer’s Market for some Hot Pepper Relish.  The folks there recommended we try The Anchor Cafe for lunch so we stopped in for some good ole southern country cookin’.


We stuck out like sore thumbs when we walked in, getting the impression they don’t see a lot of new faces here, not to mention that I was in clear violation of the “dress code” (no tank tops, no pajamas, no saggy pants).  And no, I wasn’t wearing pajamas.  I decided the dress code didn’t apply to me and we sat down and took a look at the specials.  I got the fried catfish with cornbread, limas, and yams and Matt got the ribs with a biscuit, potato salad and baked beans.  This meal deal came with dessert so I got the cherry cake and Matt had the peach cobbler to round out this hearty “lunch”.

So during the week we installed the cargo carrier on top of the van.


The on demand hot water heater was also installed on the back door and runs off propane.  I tested it out by taking an outdoor shower after the beach on Saturday.  It was hot! (the water that is).


Matt also finished up the built in dog crate for the pups so they can be safely contained while driving and also have their own space for sleeping while we are camping out.

0613160725 0613160726a

Jake voluntarily goes into the crate area, Stella, not so much.  We also made some modifications to the center console area of the van so we can plug in all of our electronics while we are on the road.


On Saturday night we moved our Bob-O-Pedic mattress into the van and slept out in the van in the yard to test it out.  Overall, pretty good night sleep! It will be nice to have our own bed with us on our travels.  Isn’t that what everyone always says about travelling?  “I’m excited to get home to sleep in my own bed.”  Problem solved!

It’s been getting a wee bit warm over the last few weeks so we decided to keep our chickens happy and hydrated with some watermelon.

0602161602a 0602161602b

We have also been harvesting quite a few tasty green beans!


In the garden we have started to see some broccoli coming in as well as a couple ears of corn!

0613160756 0613160757

Another project that Joe and I have been working on over the last few months is painting the house, by hand.  It’s been pretty miserable, but we have transformed the house from “the hills have eyes” kinda place that Matt didn’t even want to go look at when I showed him the pictures on to a “meh, I don’t think any cannibalistic serial killers live there” home.  Here’s the before:


And here’s the after:


We’ve still got a lot of landscaping to do, but that will have to wait until after we return from Sassachusetts.  See some of y’all soon!


Friday morning I hopped in the car and cruised on over to NOLA.  That’s New Orleans for you yanks.  I met up with my girl Al who had extended her business trip to hang out and we hit the town.


Sippin’ on some Louisiana Lemonade

We hit Bourbon St. and it hit us back. Hard.


I decorated my glass of water with some hand grenades.


The Magic Kingdom


Spirits’ Shots Chair. I steered clear.


On Saturday morning, Matt joined us.  We all went to the Garden District to take a walking tour, but seconds before the tour was supposed to start it started thundering, lightning and torrential down-pouring, so the tour was cancelled.  We went to the WWII Museum instead.


And then jumped back on the Bourbon St. train.

Bourbon St

What is that guy behind Al doing???

Sunday we returned to Prickly Pear Plantation which was a peaceful retreat from the crazy city!

Now time for an update on the gardens!  We recently realized we weren’t watering the plants enough since the soil drains so quickly here and it’s been mighty steamy at high noon.  Once we discovered this and started watering more, everything seems to be doing great!


Flowering Peanut Plant


The Three Sisters Garden


Bush Beans


Can you see those baby tomatoes?


How hot is that Cayenne Pepper?!




Just like the sign says, this is Okra.


These cantaloupe plants are starting to flower!

This week on eBay we sold this Vintage Little Brown Chest Cooler.

little brown chest

Ain’t she a beaut? If anyone is interested in picking up some Lynyrd Skynyrd LP Records you got 9 hours to place your bids! If you haven’t heard Free Bird on vinyl, you’re seriously missing out. That’s all ya’ll, enjoy the short week!