1 Year Retired

Well it’s officially been 1 year since my last day in corporate america.  It’s strange to think that a year has already gone by since I left MEDITECH but it also seems like light years since then.  Well tech’ers I hope y’all are getting on without me, because I won’t be back!  Retirement is the life for me!

This weekend the muscadine wine was ready to be racked into a carboy to sit for 4-6 weeks.  Here it is resting up.


Today I started the adventure of making hard cheese which is much more complicated than soft cheese.  I decided to start by making a Colby cheese following the recipe on cheesemaking.com.  Even if you don’t have a cow or a goat giving you milk, you can still make your own cheese at home with store bought milk or milk from a local farm.   Just throwing that out there in case anyone was looking for a new hobby!

Tomorrow I will salt the cheese in a brine and then the following day I will wax it before letting it sit for 4-6 weeks until aged to perfection (I really hope!).


The Hobbit Boxed Set is currently for sale on eBay!  Come on LOTR fans and get your bids in!


On another note, if anyone is feeling inspired to make their own bar soap, toothpaste, deodorant, liquid hand soap, laundry detergent, shampoo, dishwashing detergent, dog treats, greek yogurt or cheese, I have recipes for all of these things that I make on a regular basis that I would be happy to share.  If you make it yourself, you have a better idea about what’s in it!  Live long and prosper!

And here are some pictures of Maggie eating hay.  She looks like a dinosaur from The Land Before Time.

See the resemblance?

Ross the Boss

Well I think it’s time for a gardening update.  We recently picked the peanuts that we planted back in April.  In order to pick them we pulled the whole plants out of the ground which pulled the peanuts up.  Again, not as many peanuts as we would have liked to see, but a decent little harvest.


Our cow pea plants and cucumbers plants are coming up and looking strong.

A few months ago I realized that this large bush/tree in our backyard is a Loquat tree.  I had read about Loquats in my Crazy Easy Florida Gardening book but I didn’t see pictures and realize that was what the plant in the backyard was until recently.  The tree hasn’t produced any fruit for us yet, but it has little buds and flowers on it now, so we are hopeful that we will soon see fruit!

We also have a ton of beautiful wildflowers that have bloomed recently. There are fuchsia, yellow and white flowers all over the back fields.


Also over the weekend, we decided to make some muscadine wine out of all those grapes that had been taking up valuable freezer space.  First we thawed them all out, then I crushed them all by hand, then we added some water, sugar, yeast nutrient, camden tablets and probably something else I am forgetting.

Today we will add the yeast and let the grape juice concoction ferment for about a week.

We had a tiny little visitor this weekend!  His name is Ross.  He was so cute and sweet, I didn’t want to give him back to his owner.  I was a little worried at first that Stella and Jake would be too rough with him but it didn’t take too long before they became buddies.


I love every dog that comes to visit us and I really do miss them when they leave us!  I think it’s safe to say that this little guy enjoyed his stay though.

In the wonderful world of eBay we recently sold these vintage US Army cafeteria trays circa 1953.


You really never know what you’re going to find at a thrift store! Well, until next time folks, stay classy.

Caught Gray Pawed

Over the weekend, Matt and I did a little work on the kitchen, namely painting cabinets.  We took all of the cabinet doors off to add trim to them and paint them, and while they were off we painted the insides of the cabinets.  I finished up the second coat on the inside of the cabinets and went outside to see how Matt was doing with the cabinet doors.  I came back inside and in the kitchen saw a little bit of gray paint on the stove and thought that was strange, but figured I must have smudged some paint on there somehow.  And then I saw them… perfect little gray paw prints across the kitchen floor.  There was no doubt in my mind who the culprit was!


Gosh Darn-it, Molly! This is why we can’t have nice things!

Over the last few weeks the property has turned into a butterfly sanctuary.  Butterflies are everywhere and in every color imaginable.  Turns out they are pretty difficult to photograph with all that fluttering about, but here’s one I managed to get on camera.


It’s pretty magical having butterflies fluttering around you all day, it’s like living in a fairy tale.

Last week at a yard sale Matt picked up this kiddy pool for the dogs.  As we suspected, they weren’t too excited about splashing around and playing in it, but Stella enjoyed drinking it.


Over the last few months I have been puppy-sitting dogs while their parents are on vacation for a little bit of extra cash.  The plantation is really the perfect place for a dog to just be a dog, and Stella and Jake are usually pretty good with the other dogs that come to stay.  Here are some of my recent guests.

This weekend we have a new guest coming to stay with us.  I’m excited because I have never met a dog I didn’t like!

This week on eBay we sold these Bill Walters Leather Motorcycle Pants for $237.50.


Matt found these bad boys at a local thrift store for $10.  Sweet! I’m not sure I have included enough pictures of animals yet in this post, so here’s some goats and a frog and some more dogs!

Very Fine Muscadine Wine

Well what a fun and exciting weekend it was!  I found an ad on craigslist for “you pick” muscadine grapes $1/pound so Matt and I headed up to Molino to pick some grapes in the pouring rain.  We picked a little over 20 pounds of grapes and intend to make some very fine muscadine wine.


On the way back we saw the boiled peanut truck and we decided that it was time that we try boiled peanuts.  Neither of us had ever had them and we had been meaning to since we got here but hadn’t gotten around to it.


They weren’t half bad either! Not really what I was expecting, but I am not sure what I was expecting.  They tasted like cooked beans.

On Monday we decided it was high time we went for a kayak down the coldwater creek.  We threw the two kayaks and our two person tube in the van, dropped off Joe’s car down river and then drove up river to put the kayaks and the tube in.  We kayaked downriver for about 2.5 hours with the tube in tow since we only had 3 seats in kayaks and Joe’s friend Seth was visiting from Indiana.  It had been cloudy when we started out but the sun came out and it was a beautiful day for a trip down a lazy river.  At one point we found a rope swing and we all did a swing into the river before continuing on to the waiting car.  On the way home in the car the torrential rain started and dumped over an inch of rain on us over the next few hours.

Matt found this really cool typewriter that writes in cursive this weekend at a yard sale.

0903161726 We’ll be posting this one on eBay some time this week.  Apparently cursive type is a desirable quality in a typewriter, so we’re hoping to fetch about $100 from this one.

And here is Red roosting in the goat pen with his friends.  Goodnight, Red!