Deck the Halls

…or the backyard.  That’s right folks, last Sunday my dad flew down to build me a back deck! And it is quite a deck!  Construction started on Tuesday and included demolition of the concrete back steps.

Construction continued through Saturday.

Red the rooster even got in on the action.


And then on Saturday, my dad put the final screw in the deck, while simultaneously celebrating with a beer.


And the deck was complete!


And there was much rejoicing and playing of yard games.


The dogs seem pretty pleased with their new deck.


During the week we made time for activities.  On Wednesday night we went to the World of Beer 5k run and then hit Pensacola Bay Brewery for some refreshments.

On Saturday night we went to the Ghost Walk in downtown Milton at the Imogene Theater.  It was a brief history of some of the buildings in Milton told by “ghosts” of people who lived in Milton during WWII.  It was a little strange at points but we saw some old houses and had a nice little walk through Milton.

On Sunday Matt and I carved pumpkins.  Can anyone tell what my pumpkin on the right is?


Speaking of Halloween, anyone interested in Halloween 10-31-78 on VHS?  Limited Edition!


Anyone still have a VHS player?  See y’all next week!

29 and Turpentine Moonshine

Well it’s been a really exciting week (I know I always say that). But really.  Earlier this week was my birthday and Joe surprised me with some Pecan trees.  We planted them out in the food forest and hopefully they will start producing pecans sometime in the next 4 years.

Matt surprised me with a porch swing!  I have been wanting a porch swing to hang from one of the oak trees.  It even has cup holders! I am still working on staining it, but once that’s done and it’s hung I will be sure to post some pictures.

On Saturday Joe and I ran a 5k called the Run for the Reef at Navarre Beach.  It was to benefit a man-made reef at Navarre Beach that is home to a few sea turtles.  It was the first road race I have run in over a year but it didn’t go so badly.  Joe won the race outright and I was the overall female winner.  It was a small race but it was a real confidence booster.  We won these locally made clay mugs and $25 gift cards to a running store in Fort Walton Beach.

There was an after-race party at Lagerheads where they gave out free “beer” (coors light and bud light).  Also of note is that this race started at 7:30am.  I don’t think anyone told the DJ that though because he was dancing, smoking cigarettes, and telling jokes to which is co-host responded with the reminder that this was a family audience.

On Sunday we attended the Munson Heritage Festival at the Krul State Recreation Area.  The festival featured exhibits showcasing ways things were done in the old days.  For example, there was a saw mill and grist mill operating, a donkey powering the production of cane syrup and some 1940s John Deere equipment separating corn kernels from the cob.  We also talked to a man who told us about how he used to run moonshine back in the day when it was a dry county.  He also taught us about turpentine and how that was produced all over this area back in the day.  His daddy and his granddaddy worked for a turpentine company.  That was quite educational.   Here’s Matt and Joe at the Grist Mill.


And here’s Matt crossing the lake.


On Monday Matt took me out to lunch from my birthday at Red Fish, Blue Fish on Pensacola Beach.  It was a beautiful day, again!  The weather has been absolutely amazing for weeks now.  Abundant sunshine, and temperatures in the 80s with much less humidity.  Perfect.

We’ve got cucs! Look at this beauty.


Time to go make pickles!

1 Year Floridaversary

Well Steph, Matt and Stella have been living in Florida for a year now.  We arrived in Pensacola on October 1 of last year.  It’s crazy to think of all the things that we have done in the last year and all of the things we’re still working on!  I think year 2 in Florida will be even better than the first year!

I waxed the cheese I was working on last post, and have it aging in my mini-fridge in the barn which is set at approximately 50 degrees.  Here it is all waxed up.


On Saturday, Matt and I celebrated 1 year in Florida by attending the Pensacola Seafood Festival.  Several area restaurants set up tents to offer gulf to table seafood.  Matt and I tried the Grouper and Peppadew Cakes and the Shrimp Boil.


We also had a little bit of beer.

And ice cream.


Also as of October 1st, Lily and Lola are 6 months old!  They are getting pretty big, almost as big as Daisy, who is also a mini.

If you looked only at our cucumber and cow pea plants, it would look like our fall garden was going wonderfully.  So please, take a look at these cucumber and cow pea plants.

This week we have been watching “Max Who Can’t Relax”.  He’s a sweet boy, like I’ve said before, I’ve never met a dog I didn’t like, but man this guy needs a chill pill.

Yesterday I rode my bike around the yard to tire out the dogs while Matt worked on my car which broke down on me at the feed store earlier in the week.  Luckily I run better than my car does and I just abandoned my vehicle and ran home on the bike path.

Well that’s all the news I have for this week unless anyone is interested in purchasing a vintage rotary wall phone?