Ain’t No Elves on these Shelves

Hey y’all I think it’s time for a gardening update.  Well, our little kumquat tree has produced a bunch of precious little kumquats this season and I almost ate them all before remembering to take a picture!


I also realize that I neglected to inform my faithful readers that I planted perennial French Shallots and both softneck and hardneck garlic a couple weeks ago.  They should both be ready to harvest in the spring.  They have started to come up now through the mulch.

We also planted some rye to overwinter some of the garden beds.  If only everything grew as well as Rye grass.


The lone Kohlrabi is looking strong through several frosts.


I also picked a bunch of mustard greens and lettuce the other day before a frost.

And that’s the gardening update! Just 2 more months before I begin planting for the spring season!

Since we moved to Prickly Pear Plantation, we have been using one of the offices in the barn as a storage room.  It has been a complete disastrous nightmare in there with boxes piled over my head and no place to walk.  Over the weekend it was time to get organized.   We took nearly everything out of the room and built some shelves!

It was awesome! Seriously this was one of my most favorite projects so far.  Organization is amazing.  Here it is all done and stuffed with crap!


I wish I had a before picture, but just believe me, the room was a nightmare and I am just happy that I can see the floor in there now.   In the words of Matt “The key to Steph’s heart is to build her shelves”.  Touché.

Anyone ever wonder why it’s so hard to clean a goat house?


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