Spring is for Projects!

Spring has sprung and there’s lots of action around the place!  My parents were here last week working on the cabin and visiting.  The rainwater collection system, solar water pump and filtration system and the composting toilet and bathroom sink have been installed.  They even slept out in the cabin the last 3 nights of their visit!

We recently purchased an egg incubator in order to incubate some chicken eggs.  We started the incubator up on Saturday with 24 eggs and it takes 3 weeks before the chickens start hatching, theoretically.  I am hopeful that the incubator will maintain the appropriate temperature and humidity for the 3 weeks and not freeze or fry our eggs!

The outdoor kitchen is coming along and the construction of the outdoor shower has started as well.  The refrigerator and kegerator now live outside in the kitchen, as well as a gas grill that we acquired via craigslist.  Here’s the progress so far on the outdoor shower:

This week we have also had a smorgasbord of dogs visiting! And it ain’t over yet!

We’ve got lots of seeds in the ground and little plants coming up so stay tuned for  a gardening update and lots of greenery!  Have a sunny week y’all!

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