The Fancy Goat

On August 1st we will be launching our first product on our new website,! Here it is!


Sterling Silver Goat Earrings! Who doesn’t need a pair of these?  If you haven’t already, make sure you head on over to and sign up for our newsletter for your chance to win a pair! We will be drawing 2 lucky winners on July 31st!  Don’t worry, we promise we won’t spam you with daily e-mails.  Trust us, “ain’t nobody got time for dat”.

At the end of this week, Matt will officially end his “career” and we’ll be hustlin’ full time. “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” – Abraham Lincoln

In addition to eBay hustling, I have had a steady stream of dogs vacationing here.  I’ve got some great repeat clients.

It’s been getting mighty warm in the last few weeks with the “real feel” temps surpassing 100 degrees daily.  Lots of plants aren’t a fan of these oppressive temps, but some thrive.  I’ve been harvesting buckets of okra, for example.  The cantaloupe are also producing some nice beefy fruit.  The sunflowers are as big as my head and the banana and bell peppers are loving all the sun.

Over the weekend Matt picked up this freezer, which, come the weekend will be the new home of our flock of meat chickens.


Everyone wish Matt and Joe luck with their first chicken “processing” experience.

In the wonderful world of eBay we are currently selling this super old carbon microphone.


Isn’t that interesting?  Check it out along with a whole pile of other stuff in our eBay store.

That’s all y’all.  Have a swell week!

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